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IGO Hydroponics Farming Projects, Products & Services 

Why choose IGO Hydroponics Service?

1. Division to Environmental Balance

2. All the required elements that influence healthy plant growth can be easily controlled and maintained.

    This includes factors such as light, temperature, humidity, PH and TDS levels, Nutrients, and water.

3. Less water:

    Hydroponic systems use less water as much as 10 than the field crop watering method.

4. Less fertilizer:

    60% less fertilizer is required. The hydroponics growing solution circulates through the plants,

    the plant absorbs what they need, and you never lose anything due to settling or crystallizing in the soil.

5. Enhanced plant yield:

    Creating ideal conditions ensures plants receive the perfect amount of nutrients,

    which allow for year-round growth and faster crop cycles.

6. Maximizes space:

    They take up to 50% less land to grow the same amount of crops

7. Locally grown:

    Indoor hydroponics systems allow plants to grow almost anywhere all year round.

8. There are no herbicides or pesticides:

    They are safe from weeds and insects.

9. Need no soil

10. Require less labor.

11. Higher quality food


NFT stands for Nutrient film technique and this is a very popular system with commercial growers,

and now we’re moving into homeowners also.

An NFT system is a circulating type system It’s also known as a closed loop system.

So this system runs off of a reservoir full of nutrient solution and it is irrigated through UPVC pipes where it recirculates and then runs back to the reservoir.

This is a very water-efficient system.

  1. Flatbed NFT

  2. Multilayer NFT

  3. A – Frame

IGO Hydroponic Services:

1. Site visit

2. Anual Maintenance of farm

3. Water sampling & Water Analysis

4. Recommendation according to water analysis report

5. Suggestion of crops according to structure and farm situation

6. Agronomy services

7. Buyback services

Crops we can farm,

Leafy & Vegetables

1. Lettuce ( Romaine, Lollo Rosso, Butter Head, Oak )

2. Spinach

3. Swiss chard

4. Capsicum

5. Cucumber


1. Basil ( Italian, Thai )

2. Rocket

3. Mint


1. Strawberry

Type of Hydroponic system

1. Nutrient film technique (NFT)

2. Deepwater culture system

3. Ebb & flow system

4. Aeroponic system

5. Vertical hydroponic system

About IGO Hydroponic progress.. 

  1. We are providing hands-on hydroponic transplanting,  hydroponic growing trays and channels, and exposure to all the basic aspects of hydroponic technique, hydroponic growing media, hydroponic nutrient management, management of EC and pH, and Integrated Pest Management in Hydroponic systems.


 2. In urban areas where small space is available for growing vegetables and herbs for daily use for self-consumption, the best way is to go for a semi-automatic home hydroponic setup. A home hydroponic system also referred to as indoor farming is designed to grow leafy vegetables on a small scale at home, instead of installing a greenhouse. Besides leafy vegetables, herbs, and micro-greens, home hydroponic systems can also be utilized to grow other vegetables such as hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers with suitable modifications in the growing techniques and nutrient recipe.


3. A small greenhouse can also be established on the rooftop or terrace to create Hydroponic Farming Terrace, however, the space dedicated to Hydroponic Farming Terrace must have 8-12 hours of light and adequate natural ventilation. Electrical Conductivity and pH as well as the irrigation systems in this system can be automated with the use of appropriate sensors.


 4. Almost any crop can be grown hydroponically but the most common are leafy, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries, and some herbs. The hydroponic vegetables are balanced in fibers. The main advantage of growing hydroponic farming is growing crops all year round and fresh produce. The quality of the harvest is excellent.


5. The nutrient solution which supplies essential nutrients to plants is the soul of the hydroponic system. Hydroponic feed formulas for different crops have been worked out. One can use a suitable composition for the right feeding of the hydroponic crop at different stages.


6. The nutrient solution of hydroponic systems is derived by mixing stock solutions of liquid fertilizers containing NPK and Micronutrients in the desired proportion. This mix of fertilizer stock solutions in a given proportion is referred to as a recipe and often a proprietary formula.

IGO Hydroponics Work Flow?

Hydroponics Construction process

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