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What is a nursery?

Plants are propagated and cultivated to the proper size in nurseries. Instead of being used for agriculture, the plants in question are mostly used in gardening, forestry, or conservation biology. Retail nurseries that sell to the general public are among them, as are wholesale nurseries that solely market to other nurseries and commercial gardeners as well as private nurseries that serve the needs of institutions and private estates. Others will engage in plant breeding.


Some nurseries specialize in particular aspects, such as growing out plant materials to a saleable size, retail sales, propagation, and the sale of small or bare root plants to other nurseries.

What we have in IGO nursery?

As we excel in many horticultural and agricultural fields, one of our core businesses and where we first started is a nursery. Various plants of standard quality can be found in our nursery.

Explore our IGO nursery now.

  • Ornamental

  • Medicinal

  • Indoor

  • Plantation

Ornamental plants

A significant area of horticulture is ornamental plants, which add freshness and comfort to your home's appearance. Not all ornamental plants only have attractive appearances; some of them also have particular qualities, such as being an oxygen bomb or an insect repellant.

We have,

  • Money plant,

  • Jade,

  • Croton,

  • Rhoeo,

  • Spider plant,

  • Sansevieria, etc.

Medicinal plants

Plants play a vital role in curing various health issues yet some medicinal plants are grown in houses for traditional home remedies Coleus (Karpoora Valli) used for cough, periwinkle (Nithya Kalyani) used as a fever remedy, Aswagantha used for reducing High blood pressure, Etc.,


  Home medicinal plants are also used to calm the mind and reduce stress in urban areas where people have very less peace of mind and are prone to major stress diseases.

 We have plants like

  • Thulasi

  • Insulin

  • Periwinkle

  • Ashwagandha

  • Cuban oregano

  • Ranakalli

Indoor plants

Indoor plants help to make you feel better by decreasing tiredness and reducing anxiety, and tension.

It also helps us to focus and be productive. I also increased our pain tolerance and healing capacity.

Growing Indoor plants is a passion for some people and I really suggest that you try it.


Some of the best indoor plants we have are

  • Cactus

  • Succulents

  • ZZ plant

  • Rubber plant

  • Lucky bamboo

  • Areca palm


Crops like palm, coconut, teak, and rubber were not only widely farmed, but they were also employed for home design, living fencing, and grass landscaping.


For different house and large building designs, we have a variety of palm species. Live fencing can be strengthened and protected using teak and rubber plants. In addition to these purposes, they have market value for commercial sales throughout India.