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Hydroponic Farming - Strawberry

1. Growing strawberries hydroponically is significantly more water efficient than growing in soil.

2. Yield from hydroponic strawberries is typically higher than from strawberries grown in soil.

3. Because there is no soil present, you won't have to deal with any soil based pest at all.

4. Plant growth promoters are often added to the nutrients to produce quality growth during periods of poor conditions.

5. The nutrient formulation is blended to suit the water supply, so water mineral analysis is essential for optimum formulation.

6. One of the major benefits of growing strawberries hydroponically,aside from the magnificent taste,is that they can be grown at an elevated height.

7. This has proven to be great benefit to commercial growers as the picking rate is much faster and

less fatiguing and cultivation of plant is easier.

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