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Polyhouse Farming in chennai

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

FARMING TECHNOLOGIES:- * Agriculture Farming Technology refers to the knowledge used in improving agriculture productivity. The technology covers everything from powered machinery that does work formerly performed people to enhance seed technologies to support crop growth and protect plants from insects. **Agriculture technologies allow farmers to more efficiently utilize the resources. The resources can be water and nutrients, building soil health through precision agronomic systems.

** ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN AGRICULTURE:- **Technology plays a crucial role in agriculture. Higher outputs or crop yields would depend upon the nature of technology. Agriculture machines have been designed for practically every stage of the agriculture method. They consist of machines for tilling the soil, planting seeds, irrigating the farmland, and cultivating crops. Hi-Tech Agriculture mainly relates to a commercial farming system aimed at catering to the need of both, domestic as well as export markets.

*IMPORTANCE OF LATEST AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGIES IN INDIA:- 1. Farmers no longer have to apply water, fertilizers, and also pesticides uniformly across entire fields. 2. Higher crop productivity. 3. Significant saving in key inputs like water(up to 50%), Fertilizers (25%) and pesticides. 4. Better growth and uniformity in quality.*We IGO AGRI PRODUCTS provide all the Hi-Tech agriculture projects like Polyhouse, Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Solar dryer, Rooftop gardens with all the advanced technologies like drip irrigation systems, temperature-controlled playhouse structure (fan and pad, method) and also vertical farming


polyhouse projects

*1. POLYHOUSE FARMING - Polyhouse / Greenhouses are made up of transparent, tight and flexible polythene. This enables the cultivation of vegetables and other crops in any season of the year depending upon the requirements because temperature and humidity can easily be controlled in polyhouse as they prevent the thermal radiation from escaping which increases the temperature and energy and thus helps in the process of photosynthesis

.** We, IGO AGRI PRODUCTS doing this Hi-Tech polyhouse technology for 5 years successfully. And we do sol less cultivation in polyhouse using grow bags. Installing grow bags which consist of cocopeat with some added nutrients like N, P, K this technology we are providing will help in getting good yield and productivity. And there, will be fewer pest and nematode attacks. This farming technology is running successfully for 5 years with good productivity and good customer satisfaction.**

hydroponics projects

2. HYDROPONIC FARMING - *Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, sub in different materials to support the roots of the plants, and grow crops directly in Nutrient-rich water. Plants grown in well-managed hydroponic systems are living the good life. Since roots are bathed in all the nutrients they need, plants spend more time growing upward and less time and energy growing extensive root systems to search for food. Growth rates vary based on the type of system and quality of care, but hydro plants can mature up to 25% more quickly than the same plants grown in soil, with increased crop yield. ** We, IGO AGRI PRODUCTS doing this hydroponic farming system successfully for years and getting good results and good customer satisfaction.

We, do this hydroponic set up from 24 planters Indoor to a complete Commercial hydroponic system with good yield and produce.

open cutivation projects
open cultivation

polyhouse projects

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