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Polyhouse Farming - Strawberry

1. Increased yield , relatively easier pest management , as well as better fruit quality and quantity.

2. Strawberry production is a logical way to increase your revenues and 365 days production is made possible thus increasing effective production .

3. Protection from pest and disease

4. Multiplies the yield 5 to 10 times

5. Single person can have control over 1000s of plants thus minimum labour is used saving manpower costs.

6. Under minimum space one can have maximum production of crop plants

7. It can be erected in unproductive soil.

8. Plants are grown under controlled temperature thus there is less chances of crop loss or damage.

9. Fertilizer application is easier and it's controlled automatically with the help of drip irrigation.

10. Cultivation in Polyhouse gives the right environmental facilities to your plants in any season

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