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IGO Agri TechFarms

South India's leading Agri brand

Our team at IGO Agri Techfarms is a group of agronomists, engineers, scientists, sales, and logistic professionals who work on all technologies, engineering, and farming methods to ensure agriculture is a commercial, professional manufacturing business of micro greens, greens, fruits, exotic fruits, and vegetables. With IGO Agri Techfarms, farming is not a nature-dependent, emotional activity but a professional, commercial manufacturing activity that generates precise production and delivers quality with high profits.

We construct, produce and render all Agri engineering projects products, and services.

Our Vision

IGO Agri Techfarms’ vision is to be the leading Pan India brand in precision agriculture and Agri Engineering space.

Our Mission

IGO Agri Techfarms’ mission is to win lifetime customer loyalty across pan India by farming every sqm of fertile/nonfertile open outdoor land, and indoor and rooftop space of buildings. Its mission is to generate profits and passive income for its customers through various precision agriculture farming techniques.

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