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Celebrating 77th Independence Day with Pride: Flag Hosting at IGO Agritechfarms

The celebration didn’t stop at the flag hosting; it extended to acknowledging and appreciating the dedicated efforts of the IGO family. As a testament to the spirit of excellence that runs through the organization, awards were presented to IGO employees who had shown exceptional performance in their respective roles. These awards weren’t just tokens of appreciation; they were a reflection of the values that IGO Agritechfarms upholds — a commitment to excellence, innovation, and teamwork. By recognizing and applauding outstanding performance, the organization not only motivates its employees but also sets a benchmark for others to strive towards.

A Unified Vision: Growth, Independence, and Innovation

The celebration of Independence Day at IGO Agritechfarms went beyond the conventional notions of flag hoisting. It was a statement of unity — the coming together of a community driven by a shared vision of growth, sustainability, and innovation. Dr. John Yesudhas, with his leadership, has steered the IGO Group towards pioneering technological advancements in farming, contributing to both the agricultural sector and the nation’s progress.

As the event concluded, the sense of pride and unity lingered in the air, serving as a reminder of the incredible journey that IGO Agritechfarms has embarked upon. Independence Day, in all its glory, had become a reflection of the values that define IGO — dedication, excellence, and progress.


Freedom is a gift that demands to be cherished, and as a nation, we celebrate this precious gift every year on Independence Day. This year, the 76th Independence Day was marked by a unique and heartwarming event at IGO Agritechfarms, where the spirit of freedom and achievement blended seamlessly. Dr. John Yesudhas, a renowned Tech Farming Expert, CEO, and Founder of the IGO Group, hoisted the flag in a ceremony that not only honored the nation’s independence but also celebrated the growth and dedication of the IGO family.

A Patriotic Morning at IGO Agritechfarms

The morning of August 15th dawned with an air of excitement and patriotism at IGO Agritechfarms. The sprawling fields that usually witnessed the cultivation of crops were now adorned with the tricolor, fluttering proudly against the backdrop of the azure sky. Employees and staff members gathered, radiating pride and anticipation for the day’s events.

Dr. John Yesudhas, a visionary in the realm of Tech Farming, took center stage as he unfurled the national flag. His passion for sustainable farming and technological innovation has not only propelled IGO Agritechfarms to new heights but has also served as an inspiration to many in the industry. His gesture of flag hosting symbolized the alignment of progress with patriotism, creating a moving and impactful moment.


The 77th Independence Day celebration at IGO Agritechfarms was more than just a flag hoisting ceremony; it was a celebration of freedom, growth, and dedication. Dr. John Yesudhas’ leadership and the collective efforts of the IGO family have transformed a piece of land into a hub of innovation and sustainability. As the tricolor fluttered against the clear sky, it symbolized not only the nation’s freedom but also the unwavering spirit of IGO Agritechfarms towards progress and excellence.