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IGO Agritechfarms Provides IV to JNN Institute of Engineering Students on Polyhouse Farming

IGO Agritechfarms, a india's leading agricultural technology company, recently provided an industrial Visit opportunity to students of JNN Institute of Engineering. The program was focused on the topic of polyhouse farming, and IGO Agritech's staff explained various aspects of this farming technique to the students.

Polyhouse farming is a modern technique of agriculture that involves growing plants in a controlled environment, usually within a greenhouse-like structure made of transparent material. This type of farming is gaining popularity in recent times, as it provides several advantages over traditional farming methods. Polyhouse farming enables farmers to grow crops throughout the year, irrespective of the season and climate, by providing a suitable environment for the plants.


During the industrial Visit, the students were introduced to the different types of polyhouse structures and materials used in their construction. The IGO Agritech staff also explained the various components of a polyhouse, such as the ventilation system, irrigation system, and climate control mechanisms, and their importance in maintaining the ideal environment for the plants.


The students were also given hands-on training on how to prepare the soil for polyhouse farming, how to plant and care for different crops, and how to use various tools and equipment used in polyhouse farming. The IGO Agritech team also demonstrated the use of various technologies and software tools used in managing a polyhouse farm, such as sensors, automatic irrigation systems, and climate control software.

The internship program provided the students with an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure to modern farming techniques. The students were able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from their engineering courses to the practical aspects of polyhouse farming. The program also gave them a glimpse into the future of agriculture, which is likely to be dominated by technology-driven solutions like polyhouse farming.

In conclusion, the industrial visit provided by IGO Agritech to the JNN Institute of Engineering students on the topic of polyhouse farming was an excellent initiative that helped the students gain practical knowledge and experience in modern agriculture. The program also helped in bridging the gap between academia and industry, providing a win-win situation for both the students and the company.And we provide internship, industrial visit those who want in this field.